ANGEL VIGIL Storytelling Shows

Angel performs stories from his award winning books: The Corn Woman, Stories and Legends from the Hispanic Southwest, The Eagle on the Cactus, Traditional Stories from New Mexico and Riding Tall in the Saddle, The Cowboy Fact Book.

Angel ends his storytelling shows with this heartfelt closing: “So I give these stories to you with a saying I remember from my own childhood – Buenos
Cuentos - Buenos Amigos, Good Stories - Good Friends.”

Cuentos de Aztlan
Stories from the Homeland

A Storytelling Show featuring the traditional stories of the Hispanic Southwest

For generations Latino families have had cuentos, traditional stories and legends, at the center of their family experience. Their cuentos expressed their dreams, their hard learned lessons about life, their religious and spiritual yearnings, the teaching of their elders and their great warm sense of humor.

Cuentos de Aztlan, Stories From the Homeland, is an engaging and illuminating journey into the Latino soul as expressed in traditional and modern stories. The show features fascinating tales from Angel’s vast repertoire of stories. The show includes morality tales explaining the lesson of right and wrong, instructive animal fables, chistes, short comics tales guaranteed to amuse, as well as amazing tales of wonder, transformation and magic.

Vaquero storyVaquero storyVaquero story

El Vaquero
America’s First Cowboy

A Storytelling Show featuring the stories and legends of the
Spanish/Mexican Vaquero, America’s First Cowboy

This show presents the origins of cowboy and ranch culture in the American West. Tracing cowboy culture’s roots from the open plains of Spain to the establishment of ranching culture in the New World, the show describes the role of the Spanish/Mexican vaquero in the development of cowboy and ranching practices in the American West. The show places the historical and fictional lore of the origins of the American cowboy in the context of the vaquero, America’s first cowboy.

The show includes stories from the lives and adventures of the vaqueros, presentations of the tools of the working vaquero and demonstrations of bullwhip cracking and trick roping. A special feature of the show is the historically accurate costume Angel wears representing the Spanish Colonial Vaquero of the 1700s. This show is part of the Colorado Humanities Council Chautauqua Series.

El Conquistador storyEl Conquistador storyEl Conquistador story

El Conquistador
The Discovery of a New World
A Conquistador’s Quest for Glory and Wealth

A Storytelling Show featuring the stories and legends of the
Spanish Conquistador, America's first explorer.

In their exploration of new lands and quest for glory and wealth, conquistadors brought the essential elements of western culture to the New World. This show tells bold stories of epic adventures and astounding discoveries. It covers the time period from the old ditty of “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” through the challenging adventures of discovery and to the firm establishment of Spanish culture in the New World.

A special feature of the show is the historically accurate conquistador costume Angel wears representing the Spanish soldier from the conquistador era of the 1500s. The George Bush Presidential Museum specially commissioned the show and costume for its History of America storytelling series.

Talking Tongues storyTalking Tongues storyTalking Tongues story

alking Tongues
The Stories and Legends of the Aztec Indians

A Storytelling Show featuring the stories and legends of the
Supreme God of the Aztec People

The Aztec show features creation tales from indigenous pre-Hispanic Mexico. These stories are from a variety of indigenous Mexican Indian groups and represent a sampling of their creation legends. The legends tell the story of the origins of the Aztec world. The stories include naming tales depicting the creation of sacred and common objects as well as imaginative tales giving reason and understanding to the origins of human practices. Often they are comforting tales explaining frightening natural events.

The stories in this show offer explanations for many natural occurrences, from the grand story of why the world exists to the simpler story of why an animal looks and acts as it does. Included in the creation stories are legends about the creation of people, the creation of the sun and the moon, how music came into the world and how fire came to people.

A special feature of the show is the historically accurate costume Angel wears representing
Tezcatlipoca, the Supreme God of the Aztec People. The Denver Museum of Natural History specially commissioned the show and costume for its exhibit Aztec, the World of Moctezuma.

MMM storyMMM storyMMM story

Mucho Macho Muchacho
An American Story

A Storytelling Show featuring the lives of
six amazing men in Angel's family.

The stories of six men spanning three generations in an Hispanic family. The stories are deeply insightful, touchingly sentimental, profoundly loving, comically funny, quietly philosophical, surprisingly universal and always honest. They give voice to the inner lives of Hispanic men as they lived out all the roles possible in a family as sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, fathers and husbands. Living on the margins of American society the men lived the decades from the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, The Great War, the Hippie Generation, the Civil Rights era through to the to the hyper-modern high tech, social media and internet age.

These stories illustrate three generations of American life across two centuries. They are a living history guaranteed to entertain with the recognition of your own family.

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