ANGEL VIGIL Books Published


The Corn Woman, and Other Stories and Legends from the Hispanic Southwest. - Awarded the prestigious New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age National Award. The culture, history, and spirit of the Hispanic Southwest are celebrated through 45 fascinating stories and legends from the region. From ancient creation myths of the Aztecs and traditional tales of Spanish colonialists to an eclectic sampling of the work of modern Latino storytellers, this book provides a rich tapestry of both obscure and well-loved stories-religious stories; animal tales; stories of magic, transformation, and wisdom; and chistes (short comic tales). Fifteen of the 45 tales are also presented in Spanish.

The Eagle on the Cactus, Traditional Stories from Mexico.
This beautiful tapestry of traditional tales, history, folk arts, and dance offers you a glimpse into the living legacy of Mexican folklore. Tales include creation tales from native people of pre-Hispanic Mexico, and tales from the Spanish Colonial era of Mexican history-trickster tales, adventure and wonder stories, and animal fables. Fifteen of the 45 tales are also presented in Spanish.

Una Linda Raza, Cultural and Artistic Traditions of the Hispanic
Southwest. Won the Border Regional Library Association Southwestern Book of the Year Award and the Colorado Book of the Year Special Recognition Award. This rich resource provides teachers and readers with a complete guide to one of America’s oldest cultures. The book includes historical information and activities guides for cultural arts and crafts, family celebrations, traditional foods, songs and dances, religious and historical celebrations.

¡Teatro! Hispanic Plays for Young People.
With origins in folktales, fables, and the historical, religious, and cultural traditions of the Hispanic people of the Southwest, this collection contains 14 scripts for plays designed to be performed by elementary and middle-school students. The book provides background information on each play as well as notation of necessary props, a list of characters, staging tips, and costume sketches. Some elements of the plays are distinctly Hispanic, but children of all backgrounds will relate to the situations and the universality of the predicaments. Simple Spanish words appear in the scripts. Glossary and bibliography.

Riding Tall in the Saddle, The Cowboy Fact Book.
Presenting the development of cowboy and cattle culture from the days of Spanish colonial vaqueros to the days of the trail-drive cowboy, well-known writer and storyteller Angel Vigil shares the facts behind the myths of the American cowboy. Abundantly illustrated with photos and drawings, the books presents six broad thematic categories and uses a question-and-answer format to present the information. Packed with fascinating details and sources for further research, the book fills a gap in educational resources about cowboys as it is geared specifically toward upper elementary and middle school students.

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Papi, How Many Stars Are in The Sky?
A wonderful children’s fable about a grandfather’s loving bedtime story for his grandchildren. Set on a ranch in Northern New Mexico on a clear, starry night the story has the children counting the stars in the breathtaking night sky while their grandfather reminds them of their special purpose in life – to live life fully and enjoy every minute of it. Beautiful illustrations capture the magical heart of this family story.